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Digiscoping is a  method of bird photography that involves taking extreme telephoto images with a digital camera and spotting scope. Spotting scopes are terrestrial telescopes used by those who go birding to get a close-up view of birds. Relatively cheap digital cameras can be placed up against the eyepiece of a spotting scope to achieve magnifications that would be unthinkable with conventional camera lenses and even the largest telephoto lenses and also without the huge costs involved in photography with a dslr camera and large lens. Obviously many birders will already own a spotting scope, so the costs will be minimal to them.

The quality of the images will vary, being dependant on many factors. These include;
1: The optical quality of camera and spotting scope.
2: The prevailing light and atmospheric conditions.
3: Ensuring that the camera and spotting scope are as stable and vibration-free as possible, whilst taking the picture.

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