Fulmar 2
   Northern Fulmar
  Fulmarus glacialis
Black-headed Gull Summer
Black-headed Gull Winter
    Black-Headed Gull
           Larus ridibundus
Herring Gull
Herring Gull chicks
    Herring Gull
Larus argentatus
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Lesser Black-back Gull
    Lesser Black-Back Gull
            Larus fuscus
Great Black-backed Gull
  Great Black-Back Gull
         Larus marinus
Gulls & Similar Birds
           Sandwich Tern
        Sterna sandvicensis
Sandwich Terns
           Common Tern
           Sterna hirundo
Birds taken with spotting scope and compact digital camera.
Photographs taken with a  digital SLR camera are included in the galleries but are shown  with an *.
           Heermann's Gull
           Larus heermanni
Heermann's Gull
              Western Gull
           Larus occidentalis
Western Gull
   Common Gull
    Larus canus
Common Gull in flight
Black-headed Gull
Common Tern in flight
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Sandwich Tern
Common Gull
Common Gull